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Sick Day = Crafty day

I woke up this morning feeling awful. Achy- nauseous- head throbbing- grouchy awful.  So like any good mom I put a Disney movie on and curled up on the couch until I started to feel a little like a human being. By the time I felt me enough to have a cup of coffee, it was too late to go into my classroom and still make it to my daughter’s doctor appointment. So instead of spending the day cleaning my messy house like I should have, I made a few little things for my classroom!

I was really inspired by this picture I found on Pinterest. I generally have students who need me write their names on the board while I am meeting with a student, but the names don’t move themselves up the board and before I know it the names are out of order. So needless to say the “take a number idea”  really appeals to me.  So I made up my own version. I used a wooden oval I bought at Dollar Tree, painted it brown, and modge podged letters I cut out of fabric scraps. I added a small nail and made five paper circles that I numbered 1-5. I will laminate the circles when I get to school.

There are certain class times where I am not working with a designated group, but still have the ability to work with students one on one. During times like this, I will ask students to take a number. After they have met with me, they can return the number to the sign, and another student can get their number.

I found this cute little bin at Target in the dollar spot and knew it would be perfect to hang by my door for notes from students. I simply added some sticker letters (clearly I am down to the end of the sheet- I used all different fonts) and mp-ed it on for good measure. I also bought darling suction cup hangers that had big pink flowers on them. I am going to fit it into my pegboard and hang the note basket from it!

I also had this box from a Bare Minerals purchase that I loved to much to get rid of. It has a nice flap lid and  is pretty and sturdy. But the front said something about beauty and didn’t work for the classroom setting. So I covered the flap in paper and wrote Idea Box on it. This will be on my desk and will allow students to share ideas about anything they think we should do in the classroom- new projects, free time activities, etc.


So all in all, I felt it was a pretty productive sick day! I will try to get into my classroom for a few hours tomorrow to get my boards covered in paper and sort my textbooks.

Then I have one last official weekday of summer that I really do get to spend cleaning (guests coming this weekend!) Then into the classroom on Monday!


Yikes! What does your room look like?

I was given the green light to get into my classroom today. I was very excited to get the big items back in their places so I could start to focus on the little things. I packed my two girls, a picnic lunch, and those sweet furniture slider things. I thought I was really going to make a dent today…

However, my principal seemed to overlook some little things of her own. The trim around my new carpet is not complete so I couldn’t move any of my furniture against the wall! So basically I got nothing accomplished today. It was so very nice to see my new carpet though. Granted, it is brown and not so pretty, but my old carpet was blood red and over 30 years old! I also discovered that the movers put several of my filing cabinets and desks into the wrong classroom and I can not move those myself, so hopefully we will have a maintenance person in soon. I would hate for the sixth grade teacher to come and set up er room only to find her classroom full of my stuff!

Here is a picture of what my classroom looks like right now:

And my teacher closet is a little overwhelming for me as well:

I was pretty excited to find a pilot reading curriculum set waiting in my room though. We use Open Court Reading and I am just not a fan of using this in the upper grades. I prefer novel studies and guided reading to the anthology books. I am interested to look though the books and see how I like it. We are up for a new literacy curriculum next year, so I am happy to give this a try. Do any of you use Reading Street? If nothing else it feels good to have some shiny new samples to read through!

Also waiting for me in my box were the two books I asked my principal to order for me over the summer. I think these will both fit very nicely into my reading program. I love finding resources that are already created that supplement what you are already doing!

And just for fun, this is how I spent my weekend!

So tell me, if you have not already started your year, how does your classroom look right now? Are you ready for all the back to school goodness?

Introducing Teaching in Pink!

If you ask my students about me, two things that will be on the list will surely be drinking coffee and wearing pink! Hopefully on the list as well is great teacher, inspiring, fun, and strict! But due to the fact that “drinks a lot of coffee” and “wears a lot of pink” are facts, where as the others are a matter of opinion, I have named my blog Teaching in Pink!

I am a full time mother of two, part time fashion designer and overtime teacher. I currently work in a small Catholic school teaching fifth grade. I love the added responsibility of modeling and teaching faith to my students. I hope this blog can help other Catholic school teachers with ideas, but also that public, charter and non Christian private schools can benefit from some of my ideas!

I look forward to documenting my school year and sharing ideas with the other wonderful teachers in the Blogosphere!