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The first day! Plus a quick tutorial…

Whew! I made it through my first day of the year! It was exhausting and my feet are killing me ( two months of sandals means my feet were out of shape for closed toed shoes!) It doesn’t help that the swamp cooler at school is broken as well so my classroom is more like a sauna. But all in all it was great to meet my new students. I am excited to get to really know these kids and get into the fun part of teaching. Our first day is only a half day for students so we literally have no time for fun stuff, it is a whole bunch of organizing materials, going over school procedures, and classroom expectations. I am looking forward to tomorrow because I will have a break when the kids go to music and PE, plus I can actually do some fun lessons with the kids. The best part is I think I got all the names memorized already!

This was my first second year at a school ( how’s that for English?- it’s the first time I have had a second year at a school) so it was so cool to see everyone a year older. My students are now down the hall in the middle school, the little second graders are now third graders and have joined us upstairs. And the little PreKers are now Kindergarteners. Naturally this one hit me close to home as my own little one donned her uniform and entered her first day of Kinder!!

Here is my beautiful girl all ready for her big day:

And here is my new First Day of School Dress that I am just in love with. It is so comfortable and easy breezy. It took me about four episodes of Mad Men this weekend to sew it up. * Yes, I count my sewing time in Netflix episodes rather than actual time!*  I thought it perfect since St. Therese is known as  “The little flower” and the fabric is a graphic rose print.  I’m like a kid- I love to pick out something special to wear on the first day.

Excuse the totally dorky picture!


Okay, I referenced my game pieces in an earlier post so I thought it was about time I sat down and wrote out a tute.  I know many of you use some form of Homeworkopoly or some such game, so hopefully someone finds this helpful.  Since I keep my game on a chalkboard instead of a bulletin board, I have always had a hard time with game pieces. So I made my own version of the little marble magnets many people have made!

First you need small round sticky back magnets, flat bottomed clear marbles, and stickers that are round and smaller than the marble. You will also need a sharpie!

I used some book dot labels I had in my drawer. I did not have modge podge at school so I improvised and am very happy with the result. The trick here is that you are writing on the wrong side of the sticker! Use the sharpie to write a number for each of your students on the white sticky side of your sticker, then attach the sticker to the flat side of the marble. You should be able to clearly see the number though the marble.

Next, you take the paper backing off the sticky magnet and adhere it to the flat side of the marble as well.

Simple. As. That.

You now have a sturdy set of game pieces that can be used over and over again throughout the years!

Also, check out what I did to my dice! I simply put adhesive magnets on a clear plastic box so my dice could hang right on the gameboard!


Having a Blessed Day!

I am feeling very blessed today! I had a great day just hanging out with my girls. I took down the little ones crib and turned her room into a playroom, then shipped her off to her big sister’s room. Its so nice to sing one song, read one book and say one prayer with them instead of doing everything twice!

Counting a few of my blessings: has a great deal on uniform bundles that comes with five shirts and two pants for only $43! And it includes shipping. I did get A some hand me down uniforms, but since they wear out so quickly, I am glad she will have a few new ones of her own.

I finally made the delicious Buffalo Chicken Wraps that I saw on pinterest. They were not as good as I hoped, but I think next time I will use a different wing sauce and it will be a score!








I completed brainstorming and writing my first week of plans.

I found pink high heel shaped paperclips at Office Depot, and I even had the willpower to walk away from them. (I regret this already but I am proud of my restraint)









I got four new books from the library- Shopaholic and Baby, Thanks for the Memories, The Book Whisperer, and 65 short science mysteries.

Tomorrow I get to spend the day at the lake swimming with the girls, talking with friends and eating peanut butter and jelly with sand in my toes. Can you believe this is in CO?













Sometimes during this time of year it is easy for me to think about all the things I did not accomplish or how much I am going to miss being home with the girls, or staying in my pajamas all day. But I am loving the moment that I am in, and I am looking forward to jumping back into teaching. Not to mention, my high heels are feeling very neglected and they are also ready to get back to work!

I hope you are able to sit back for a minute and count all the blessings, even the little ones,  in your life!