Twas the last night of summer…

I technically don’t have to report back to work until Wednesday, but as many of you know that means you have to go in anyway to get started on your own thing. Once I report back, it is all staff meetings and group planning- very little time to sit in my quiet room and work! I have gone in a few times in the last two weeks, but always with my kids in tow, and therefore I never get much done. So tomorrow is my self designated first day back at work!

The baby sitter is booked, the diaper bag is packed. The girls are sitting next to me having a water fight in the bath. I spent over three hours today cooking. I shredded and chopped and mixed and bake and froze. I cooked about 6 meals today, and only one of them was to eat today! It is so wonderful to know that I have a freezer stockpiled with food so I don’t have to do much prepwork when I get home in my post work stupor!

I am almost finished sewing what I plan to be my first day of school dress, and am headed to the dry cleaner to drop off all my teacher clothes this week. My high heels are getting excited to go outside after a long summer of hibernating in my closet.

Tonight my husband and I are going to watch a movie and finish off what is left of his Birthday Carrot Cake. (It’s heavenly!)

I had such an amazing blessed summer, and I am sure going to miss it. But I am looking forward to getting back to work!

Well, off to get ready for bed… after all it is a school night!

I hope your summer is winding down nicely also and that you are as jazzed about B2S as I am!


About teachinginpink

I'm a full time mom and part time fashion designer, and overtime teacher. I teach fifth grade at a Catholic school. Due to my slim parochial school budget and my naturally crafty ways, I love to get creative with my teaching!

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  1. Have a great year Jules!

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